Welcome - This website was created to share these videos and music memories with fellow classmates from the graduating class of 1964. Most of the videos are converted from 8mm silent films that were shot by my father with a few exceptions. I've included all of the films that feature classmates even though you may have to look at my mug through most of the film. Hopefully, you can spot yourself or at least some old friends and recall some special memories from those years at St. Michael. Enjoy ~ Jim.



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Soupy Sales Died Oct. 22, 2009. As a child eating my lunch with Soupy I sometimes laughed so hard that milk came out of my nose. Below are links to his memory.

Come Pie With Me
Pookie and White Fang
Soupy and Fess Parker
Green Pieces of Paper
2002 Interview

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More to come...

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St. Mike's Football Scores - See the football scores for each season through 1969. CLICK HERE Thanks to Denny Younkin for the source.

St. Mike's 45th Reunion Photos - The 45th Reunion was Oct 17, 2009. If any classmates have photos from the event please send them to me at jprisby@mauidogvideo.com. Or, if you post them somewhere online let me know where and I will download them. Here are the photos I have so far, I will add your photos to the slideshow as I receive them. CLICK HERE

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Class of '65 ? - Check out Jim Neff's great St. Mike's Class of '65 website, lots of info and photos. CLICK HERE

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Music of 1960-64 - 166 of the top hit songs from those years. Single click on a song to play it. Click and hold on the up/down arrows to view more. Click and drag on the slider bar at the top to adjust volume. Press the top center button to stop playing.

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Name That TV Show Contest

How To Play - When the Homecoming Football Game video above starts to play there is a short musical interlude that plays when the flaming WARRIORS appears on screen. That music is part of the theme from a TV show that was popular in the 60's. Can you name that TV show? The first 5 people that give the right answer will win the prize. Sorry, this is a very low budget contest, the prize is that I will post your names here. Hey, at least you get bragging rights. To post your answer click to sign My Guestbook and enter your name and answer. Here's a hint...One of them is very appeeling. Here's another... They run from the bowler. Here's another...Doing right to wrong doers. And one more...Unwed and Bond like.

Winners - Congratulations to our first winner! The lovely Mrs. Sophie Younkin has beaten everyone to correctly identify the TV Show and taken the #1 spot on our chalkboard. No, Sophie, you don't win a trip to Disneyland. The best I can do is some used Mickey Mouse ears.

OK, an under-classwoman sneaked in here, the beautiful Mrs. Linda Wilkins, class of 1965. Come on, guys, this is a macho TV show and the women are winning...

Once again a classmate from the class of 1965 got it right. Congratulations to Mr. Charlie Ross. At least we have a male winner this time.

Alright, we need 2 more winners.


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